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1 Online Poker provides Online Poker! Poker against real people for money or for fun at http://www.1-online-poker.org/
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Poker Rooms Online

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Poker is the favorite card game from hundreds of years ago, leading up through history and still continuing on today. From the dusty trails of the cowboys, to the sparkling casinos in Vegas to the online private poker rooms in the www, poker is a game that is exciting and here to stay.

Some of the basics of poker include that there are fifty-two cards, and most all casinos are going to use the joker cards, and some will not. If you are in question, read the rules of the site to be sure. Sometimes additional cards will be wild along with the joker, in special poker rooms and in different situations.

In some of the fastest moving casinos, there are often three or four decks used at one time so the odds are really in your favor to get the cards you want. The software program online uses odds and values that are regulated by fair gaming laws so you the consumer are protected and you get the same great game you would offline in Jersey or Vegas.

What is the highest card? The ace is worth the most. Your highest hands will start with the ace and end with the ten.

The lowest card is the two. Cards that include a two are lower than other hands of similar nature but higher in numbers.

Arranging cards in a specific manner is how you will win at the game of poker. In all the casinos online you will notice that these are also listed, and quite available when you are playing in case your forget what is higher, and what is worth more money. You will also see listed in the casino, what it takes to create these hands for your reference as well.

The highest to lowest poker hands are

  • Royal Flush this starts with the ace, down to the ten, all of the same suit
  • Five of a Kind (with a Wild card or Joker) this is five of the same card using the wild
  • Straight Flush ace down to a ten but in different suits
  • Four of a Kind four of the same card, can include the wild card
  • Full House thee of a kind and also two of a kind in the same hand
  • Flush all the cards of the same suit no matter what the numbers are
  • Straight all five cards in order
  • Three of a Kind three of the same card, can include the wild card
  • Two Pair two separate pairs of two different cards, this can include the wild card
  • Pair this can include the wild card
  • High Card often this is the jack at least

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